Some Basic C code i wrote while learning C
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This Repository features C source code i wrote to learn the C programming language. Currently the most advanced program included is an unfinished implementation of the Huffman algorithm.

Some programs make use of outdated and unsafe functions such as gets() or scanf(), which should never be used. That is the case, because we were taught to use some of these in programming classes. Ideally, all uses of these unsafe functions should include a comment explaining why this is bad and also include and implemented alternative, but that may not always be the case.

All code in this Repository was written on and for a Linux x86_64 system. It might not work on other systems.

Makefile / Compiling

I have spent some time building a CMakeLists.txt. You can compile all source code using cmake . && cmake --build ..


scanf() is not inherently unsafe, but must be handled very careful and isn't recommended by most, so i have chosen to classify it as unsafe. If you know exactly what you are doing, using scanf() seems to be acceptable. I consider the use of scanf() to be bad practice.


The origin of this repository is It is mirrored to github